Our Environment


Bee’s Hive
Our outdoor environment consists of a dig pit, two slides, rope bridge, play house and loose parts. The outdoor environment is often used as a stopping point between leaving the indoor environment and the car, or on the way to the store or farmers market. It is a great transitional tool and loved by everyone.



multi IPThe Meadow:
Our central grow motor space offers ride on toys, a mini trampoline, a play castle with slide and our amazing Imagination Playground as well as the favored up and down roller coaster ride on. With the Imagination Playground their are endless possibilities. A ball run can turn into a castle that can turn into a school bus. The play is not limited by the toys, the play is only limited by the imagination and at St. Johns Swapnplay imagination is king!




Owl’s Hallow:
Our language arts room offers puppet play, storytelling baskets, storytelling felt board, cozy reading nooks, doll house play, reading loft, and a quiet corner for homework. Families are encouraged to snuggle up and enjoy some story time together. Once a month a special story time is offered by one of our members.



loose parts playBadger Burrow:
Our loose parts play room offers a light table, building area and lots and lots of loose parts to construct with! Children are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild with lots of open ended items.




colin art crop

Magpie’s Nest:
Our creative arts room offers boundless materials to create with; paint, glue, play dough, paper, crayons, markers, a sensory bin and more! Families are encouraged to allow self directed creative flow in this thoughtfully designed room. Special craft and art sessions are offered to members throughout the month and of course the room is open any time the playspace is open. Come make some messy art with your little one!


squirrels den

Squirrel’s Den:
Our dramatic play room offers everything to spark the child’s inner desire to play out all they observe. Dress-up play, kitchen play, doll play all have been seen coming from this space – even a wedding or two has been found to be in the works here.




betsy babyCaterpillar’s Cove:
Give your pre-walker freedom of movement in this special zone just for our littlest friends. In this gross motor zone babies are given a change to test out their limps, toes and hands. Soft toys are available for play as well as some wooden toys. A pre-walker meet-up takes place here for members every Saturday morning.

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