Our 4,000‐square‐foot playspace engages children in diverse, interactive activities while providing access to shared resources and opportunities for parents and caregivers to connect. From our inception in 2009, we have worked with our partners and parent volunteers to build an affordable, vibrant, inviting, and safe playspace with lots of activities to build cognitive and social skills as well as cultivating imagination, creativity and self‐discovery.

We envision a community where every family is supported to raise healthy children on a healthy planet.

Destination PLAY!


At St. Johns Swapnplay we believe in the POWER of PLAY! Our environment has been designed by Early Childhood Experts who see children as intuitive learners and work to provide an environment that inspires, ignites and respects the child. The playspace consists of 7 zones each focused on healthy child development.

“Play is the highest form of learning”
Albert Einstein



Destination SWAP!


Sharing is at the heart of all we do! We offer two swapping rooms where books, toys, clothes, gear and more can be donated or taken. Swapping is done on the honor system – take what you need, bring what you don’t. Sharing even goes beyond the rooms – our members love sharing and our Facebook group page is a great place to share resources. Don’t see what you need, ask – someone likely has it laying around to loan or pass on.


“The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have.”
— Leonard Nimoy

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